Lighting tower with inc plated steel telescopic mast with 4 extensions
Rotation of the mast and lights 360 °
2 comfortable grip handle
Maximum height of the lighting tower 6 m
Electrolytic zinc-plating ideal for outdoor applications
Lifting system with steel cables
Coiled cable to power the headlights
Self-braking lifting winch from 350 kg
Fitting out with trolley with wheels and retractable handles
2 removable retractable stabilizers
4 eye for easy lifting machine
4 runners for the forklift forks for lifting the machine
Trolley painted with epoxy powder
Ideal structure for outdoor applications
4x1485w Led flodlights
2000 square meters of illuminated area
Recommended generator power 5KVA SINGLE-PHASE
Optional: central shaft for transport in construction site